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Can you install an ordinary BT telephone line for just one day? Yes, we can install any sort of telephone line (business line, ISDN, multi-lines etc) for periods as short as one hour or as long as you want.
How fast are the Internet speeds? It is possible to provide any speed required up to 10Gbps at any location in the UK, but in reality the cost of very high speeds in remote locations can be prohibitive. The technologies Pinnacom uses to supply Internet connections are:

Broadband (or ADSL)
Annex M (very high quality broadband)
Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
Enhanced FTTC (guaranteed speeds)
Fibre (10Mb to 10Gb private circuits)

All these can be provided for periods as short as one hour or as long as you want.
What about telephones? Pinnacom can supply a single telephone to go on the end of a standard line if required. Pinnacom also has a special telephone system that gives full switchboard services, up to 2,000 handsets spread across one or more sites, and can be deployed for as short or long a period as you want.
Can Pinnacom put services on a site that is very spread out such as a festival site? Yes, Pinnacom has developed a unique system that distributes a data network across a large site, and can place telephones, Wi-Fi and Internet connections at any point from the farthest gate or door to the central area.
What sort of companies does Pinnacom work for? Pinnacom has clients as large as the BBC and clients as small as one man businesses. From broadcasters doing outside broadcasts, to festival organisers, events to fashion shows, race tracks to theatres. Some have long term services in place and others book temporary services when they are needed.
How fast can services be deployed? Pinnacom has special arrangements with BT, Openreach and the fibre carriers. The fastest we have ever supplied a telephone line is within 24 hours, and with broadband from order is 48 hours. The fastest for an FTTC including installing the telephone line is 5 days. The fastest for a gigabit fibre is 24 days. Superfast installs like these can cost more due to expedite fees, but if they are needed urgently Pinnacom can usually do it!
Is it possible to install services in the middle of a field or away from buildings? Yes, however these types of installations can be more expensive, as they have to be removed after the event and there are special planning requirements within the telecoms networks. But it can be done!
Is it possible to deploy Wi-Fi at an event or festival where there are going to be hundreds or even thousands of people, and have the Wi-Fi give good service? Yes! It requires special Wi-Fi access points that contain multiple wirelesses, and are capable of handling many (potentially thousands) of simultaneous subscribers. It is also vital to have lots of bandwidth at the site. Pinnacom can help do the calculations for how much bandwidth you will need.
Does Pinnacom use satellite services for Internet connections? Yes, we have satellite services that can be deployed. The typical connectivity that is achieved is 12Mb downstream and 4Mb upstream. There are a number of potential issues when using satellites, but to get Internet connectivity anywhere, any time at very short notice it is impossible to beat!
Can internet services be 'bonded' together so that the speeds increase, and if one service fails the other keeps going? Yes. There are various restrictions but in principle, it is both possible and practical.
Where does Pinnacom offer services? Anywhere in the UK. We have customers from Scotland to the South Coast, Norfolk to Northern Ireland.

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